Tuesday, January 1, 2008

from Monster to Narwhal?

Sometimes my brain works in very strange ways. So strange in fact, that I don't even understand it.

My friend Dan suggested I make some monster pin cushions. Seemed like a good idea to me too, so I start patterning a one horned monsters. I made a maquette, and it didn't look like a monster to me. It looked like a backwards whale, so I added a tail and a horn and here is a Narwhal!

Then I thought maybe a red spotty monster with 3 eyes... and then I actually looked at the mock-up, added a little more black and voila! a ladybug was born

Okay, now really something scary, something dark and sinister, something freaky, maybe change the body shape, play around a bit. Made the maquette looked again, and it became a cat. It might have been the black cat sleeping on my lap that influenced me, but either way, I started monster and ended up kittycat.

I don't know where all the cutesy stuff came from, but here it is and just in time for Valentines day. Maybe next week I'll try to make a hamster and a scary beast will be born. Happy New Year!

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Christina Hill said...

Love the narwhal! So cute!