Sunday, December 30, 2007

When you have a day or two off...

Christmas is over. New Years Eve is tomorrow. So what am I doing....oh yeah working on things for Valentines day of course! This year for V-day I am featuring some slightly subversive pin cushions. Sperm and Human Hearts. Yep, you read that right. Here it is again. Sperm and Human Hearts. If there is one thing I have learned on etsy it's that the things I think are silly and make on a whim- those items will sell. The carefully researched and thought out items will bomb, big time (can you say yarn!).

So it's a warm last Saturday in December morning. I decide I should go to Joann fabrics and buy some felt. I'm waiting in the cutting table line and start chatting with all the 60ish year old quilty women. I feel a certain camaraderie with them. My mom is a quilter, I can talk calico, batik and batting with the best of them. We start chatting. They politely ask what I am making and I respond "Oh, just some pin cushions" thinking that will give them an answer and they won't want anymore than that. Oops. One chirps in "Oh! what kind of pincushions?" I should have told them butterflies. It was a very silent wait to have my fabric cut.

On a whim I also bought a mess of denim and corduroy to make messenger bags out of. Hopefully these won't fall into the carefully researched and well thought out item category.

Drum roll Please!

I'm still working on the shapes a little, but in the overall I think they are pretty funny.

It's not just's a felt heart.

Give him the gift he has been giving you all these years.

On a slightly less disturbing note. I have also been teaching myself to spin. It's a lot harder than it looks, but it totally appeals to my nerdy-crafty self. I cant wait for the day when I have dyed, spun, designed and knitted something all by my little lonesome. Here is the twisted mess of yarn I call my first attempt at spinning. I guess it's a pretty good first attempt?