Sunday, December 2, 2007

What's a diorama?

Well kids, a diorama is what girls named Katie make when they need to photograph their woodland critter pincushions and it's snowing outside. brrrrrr. This week has been incredibly productive. The Secret may work for some poeple, but for me it's some good old fashioned hauling butt. I have finished a lot of crafty projects, published the side project market blog, fancy email advertisement, postcard layout, and opened a show at work. All this and I sold more items on etsy this week than any other week so far. I even found time to have a pedicure, dinner out and a little poke the baby time with Maizie (my favorite dumpling). I didn't sleep much, my apartment looks like a cross between a recycling center and a craft store, and my refrigerator is basically something a college student would be ashamed of, but I did make some great stuff and I feel good about my products this season.

Drumroll please.

>>>>> Here are some of the Woodland Creature Pin Cushions<<<<<<<<

This is Stinky the Skunk.

This is the Crafty Beaver.

There are more listed on, but these are my favorite. I may have to make a beaver to keep for myself.

In other news- the sushi ornaments are selling much better than I thought, so I made some fortune cookies this week, and hopefully they will find their way into the hearts of Asian food lovers as quickly as my merry maki Christmas ornaments.

I hope to keep the momentum up for the next week so I can go to the BUST magazine Craftacular this coming weekend and see some friends in NYC.

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David & LisaBB said...

EEEEEE!!!! --That's Maizie for 'Your sublime use of felt has captured the essence of these woodland creatures with sheer joy and whimsy".
And who doesn't love a good diorama!