Monday, February 25, 2008

My Life

You: Hi Katie! How's the job search going?

Me: Okay. I have had one interview, and am waiting to schedule a couple more.

You: Really! Where?

Me: An opera in the southwest and a theatre in DC

You: Really! But that's not in NYC. I thought you were moving to NYC.

Me: Yeah, me too. But now, who knows?

You: Oh.

There you have it. I have NO idea where I am living next! Life is really weird sometimes.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mr. Right and Jane

Lately I have felt a little like I was living in a Jane Austen novel. Maybe it is because I am working my way thru her complete works, or maybe because I am of an age when women want to get married. It's a bit like asking which came first--the chicken or the egg. Either way- here I am, watching Colin Firth play Mr. Darcy on PBS and finding myself re-evaluating my past relationships, my current prospects, and my views on dating, mating, and the world.

One of my co-workers tells me I will have a much harder time meeting nice men if I continue to read femisist literature, another tells me I should read all the feministing I want, and the right man will come. I think reality is somewhere in between. There is some truth in the statement 'men want to be needed just as women need to be wanted'.

I have met plenty of men who wanted me to need them, and few who wanted me too, but never one in the same. Over the last 10 years I have dated artists, designers, scholars, sales clerks, actors, and even a guy who worked in porn. All were Mr. Right, just for some other Jane.

Jane Austen had it right when she wrote "Interested people have perhaps misrepresented each to the other. It is, in short, impossible for us to conjecture the causes of circumstances which may have alientated them, without actual blame on either side." Sometimes it is good to remember this truth. It is also good to remember that your value as a human being is in no way connected to your marital status.

Mr. Right will come along, and hopefully he will like both Jane Austen and Bust magazine. Just as I like feminist literature and men.

I hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day. I know I did, and I didn't even have to kiss a boy to have a good time.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This is a conversation I have had 4 times this month with the same 2 people.

Them: What are ya doing?

Me: Sending out resumes

Them: Really! Why?

Me: I'm moving to New York and I need to find a job

Them: I thought you just moved to Hartford?

Me: I did. Now I'm moving to New York

Them: Oh, is that a good idea? Will you be able to find work.

Me: I hope so.

- I am now done having this conversation. If you would like to ask me this question again, it must be done in the form of an interpretive dance.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Just for you.

Samara, this one is for you.....

Having a blog is a little strange. In my mind, no one reads this thing. Sure, I write stuff, and sometimes someone makes a comment or two, but in general it just floats out in cyber space, collecting digital dust and being yet another kinda crafty blog. This week I have had several reality checks.

I haven't been blogging lately. Actually I have been, I just haven't been posting what I have been writing. It isn't really appropriate to share some of what I have been thinking, so I just write it, and hit delete. Also, I have been getting ready for a craft fair, tech for a show, and oh yeah- I quit my job. Before you freak out, I already did, so that's over and done with. Now I am onto finding something for the summer and beyond. I already have a job interview for the summer season, so now it's time to prep and pep talk till the interview happens. So I've been a little busy.

Oh, yes- the blogging reality checks. Like I said I have been busy and not really publshing blogs......So I got a facebook nudge (or bitchslap) from a college flatmate- who I lived with for 3 weeks. In those 3 weeks 3 of 4 house mates dropped out of college. I had no idea she had been reading my blog, or even really remembered me. My fondest memory of the time we lived together happend in one day. It involves hair bleach, tin foil, mononucleosis, mashed potatoes, and her dreams of telling a professor to 'suck it'. But, that's a post all on it's own.

Things she and I have in common-

1. Love of all things squid.
2. The color combo of pink and green
3. Making pretty stuff and having people buy it.

My other reality check came in the form of a person at the craft fair today. She saw my fused plastic wallets, and we started chatting. She had read a blog with a tutorial about how to fuse plastic. She wanted to know if I had read that particular was my tutorial. So wierd, so cool. I feel like a little bit of a crafty bloggy rockstar. So clearly, people actually do read this blog, it's not just me and my ravings being read by a few click happy friends boosting my counter. Neat-o.

Oh, and the craft fair was kind of a bust, although a 4 year old did tell me I make really pretty things. And that makes all the difference.