Saturday, December 29, 2007

To Be Resolute

I was in Orlando for a full 4 days last week. It was a nice trip. I visited my family, I had a few drinks with my brothers, we acted like jerks and re-arranged the lawn ornaments at the neighbor's houses. I hung out with my Sis-in-law, her cute dogs, my parents, and friends. It was awesome.
Sometimes when you haven't seen someone for years it only seems like a day or two. I had that feeling this trip and it was great. One close friend always makes me take a really good deep look at myself, my life, my goals, my wants, my everything. He has this ability to bring out the best in almost everyone he knows. He is kind of Clark Kent. He is the most likely person to have an alter superhero identity, and he has a super cute kid.
Which brings me to the new year, and all the new year means It is amazing how fast a year can pass. This time last year I was trying to settle down into a life in Hartford, and this year I am looking towards my exit from Connecticut. For me new year is a time for contemplation of life, goals, and your happiness. I have been thinking about it all and I have some goals for myself in the new year, and here they are.

My goals (that I'm willing to share with all of the Internet) for 2008 are:

1. Vote and encourage (read: harass) others to as well- I always do.

2. Figure out where I want to live for the next couple of years. Connecticut isn't it, but I don't know where I really want to be.

3. Blog at least 2x a week. I started this thing, and now it is time to effing use it.

4. Figure out a way to promote my etsy site into becoming a profitable business.

5. Make my bed everyday. I'm a grown-up, now I need to act like it.

Happy New Year to you. Be safe, designate a driver.

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