Friday, January 11, 2008


I need a man in my life. Why? Here's why.

1. My cat barfed in my bed twice last week

2. My car died yesterday and I had to deal with 3 auto-repair shops to have it fixed.

3. I got a flat tire tonight.

4. I got a $647.15 auto property tax bill in the mail.

Oh my!, says the feminist, you don't need a man for any of those things. Yeah, true. I cleaned up the cat barf and changed the sheets. I was smart enough to know I shouldn't ignore the check engine light, took it to the various repair shops and had the repair covered under the warranty. This is the 3rd flat tire I have dealt with in the last 2 years, so I know how to safely change a tire and get myself back on the road. I knew the tax bill would come so I have been squirreling away money to pay it, even on my limited not-for-profit salary. I can deal with all those things, but my beer is empty and I really don't wanna get up right now, so if I had a man in my life- he'd probably be nice and get me one.

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