Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blogging for Choice

Today is the 35th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. I am participating in Blogging for Choice by well, blogging for choice. I know you are thinking this is gonna get ugly, but I am here to try to make it as pretty as possible.

Simply stated-I am Pro-Choice. Here is why. I believe, among other things that I, you, and the greater United States (especially the District of Colombia) cannot, should not and hopefully in my lifetime will not dictate women's reproductive health. Simple as that. I cannot understand another woman's life story- because I don't live it. Therefore I cannot dictate what is right for her. You cannot understand my life situation and story, and therefore you cannot dictate what is right for me. Although you and I may have had a similar upbringing, sociopolitical beliefs, religion, education and career path, you are not me and therefore cannot understand what my life is from my perspective and I cannot understand yours.

There is the sticking point. Perception and perspective. What a person perceive to be true is all that matters. My perception of my life lead me to move halfway across the country to a place I had barely visited and take a job for no more money in a place that costs more to live! To me it was a great decision because I perceived it to be a great decision. If you choose to have a baby-for whatever reason-you perceive it to be the right choice for you, and therefore it is. If I(or you) choose not to have a baby- for whatever reason- I (and you) perceive it to be the right choice, and therefore it is. If and woman in these great united states chooses to have a baby and give it to some other people to make a family, then that is the right choice for them, because they made the choice based on their life's perspective. And that's all that matters- perspective, baby.

The harsh reality is- women are going to continue to have abortions. We have been having them for Milena, herbal, self induced, medical, and positively medieval. Now we are lucky enough that an abortion is legal and safe. I hope in my life time I am never faced with the prospect of loosing a woman in my life, because she felt desperate and faced some horrific back-alley abortion simply because someone else didn't respect her right to her perspective. And there we are, back to that word. Perspective. I am more than Pro-Fucking-Choice. I am Pro- Perspective, mine, yours, and hers.

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