Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crafty Bastard TOP 5

OMG! I'm in the TOP 5!

A huge thank you to everyone who voted and re-posted this to their blogs, facebook and myspace accounts. I really, really, appreciate it.

Here is the link thinger again, just in case you want to re post it some more. I would really love to win this. Oh, and if you come visit me on at the show and tell me you voted, I have a special prize just for you!


In other news, I am doing my best to get ready for this show. I have some fancy new buttons, some gorgeous new leather cuffs made from cast-off leather scraps that would have ended up as landfill, and I am working on having both leather and vegan belts available for sale with my schmancy buckles. Oh, and speaking of buckles- I am working on some great new buckles featuring vintage fabrics, some new-to-me vintage magazines and these awesome British cigarette cards.

I'm still working on my set-up as it has been the thing that consistently challenges me. I want something that looks like it has been thought about, but not over thought, and that is where *I* get in trouble. Hopefully I will be able to figure out something that looks cool *and* travels easily. Wish me luck.

In more life news: Mr. Smartguy and I are having a blast. We've both been swamped with work, but we are still able to find time to hang out (seriously). This week we took one of the amazing pasture-raised-non-caged chickens I've bought from Green Fence Farm, and made a delicious beer can chicken in the oven. If you've never tried making a beer can chicken- let me just say-- oh, so easy and delicious! Your house will smell great, the chicken is moist and tasty and if you line your pan with foil, the clean-up is a breeze. If you don't drink beer or eat meat...sorry this isn't one for you. Maybe there is a version with diet coke and tofu, but somehow I don't think it would translate.

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