Sunday, November 22, 2009


Dear Blog,

It's been a while. I've not been writing in you because I've been too busy. Also, I try not to write in you when I think I might say something that would bite me in my kiester later. Therefore, you have sat blank for a (very) long time. I'm sorry. Here's a nice little post so you can feel like I still love you.

Crafty Bastards? Effing rocked. I was not the Craftiest Bastard, but I would do that show again in a heart beat. By far, my best selling day and the nicest organizers EVER. Hands down. Awesome. They brought me a whole foods sandwich. Never in my life have I had a craftshow provide me with even a snack, and this place gave me a sandwich, and it wasn't even a nasty cello-wrapped egg salad from a food museum, it had vegetables on it. **it's sad that I get this excited about a sandwich, but during a full day craftshow, it's the little things that count** Other awesome thing about the show- Mr. Smartguy helped me tear down. Ladies, if you can find a guy who is willing to help you move heavy stuff and brave a craftshow for you, you know you've found a keeper. Which is a nice segue into the holidaze...

Hey Katie, what are you doing for Thanksgiving? Oh, well I'm headed to Texas to meet my boyfriend's family. I'll write that again, I'm going to Texas to meet Mr. Smartguy's family. Specifically Austin, specifically his parents. This leads to the other question-- are ya nervous? Ummmm, maybe?...a little? I'm pretty good at meeting people and getting them to like me. I'm not so keen on feeling like I am the center of attention. Last night I found out that members of the extended family heard of the arrival of a girlfriend, and they are excited to check her out. I'm sure they are all going to be wonderful people, but until I meet them- I'm a little antsy about the introduction. Which leads to another question....

Hey Katie! What about Holiday Craft Shows? Well, like I mentioned before, I try not to say things on the Internet that are going to bite me in the tuckus later, so I will simply say that my job took over my life this fall, and I did not get my act together with enough quality goods to be accepted into any of the big NYC craftshows (well, that was diplomatic). I'm really bummed about it, but it has taken a little of the pressure off the holidaze for me. It also has allowed me to *gasp* have a little time to make some holiday gifts for my loved ones. Who knew?! when you aren't making gifts for other people to buy, you actually do have some time to make gifts to give.

I always feel like I am cheating when I buy gifts. There just seems like there is something wrong about buying things when you are fully capable of making something that has a little love already built in. So I apologize if I've ever given you a store bought gift. I do really love you, I just didn't have time to make something so I went to the mall. I'm sorry. I promise it won't happen again...well, okay it will but we can pretend that it won't.

Additionally, due to the aforementioned work surplus, I did not do the graphics or website for the Side Project Market this year. The torch was handed off to someone who actually knew what they were doing! Again, I'm bummed that after lots of years as a participant, and at least 2 years doing the graphics I had to bail due to a work surplus, but that's the way the craftsperson cookie crumbles. Here is a link to the groovy website, and the name of the market has changed too. It is now part of a larger event called Shop Jarvis Square, which brings in the local storefronts and restaurants to create a really fantastic shopping extravaganza! Also, the coffee joint on the corner makes a freakin' awesome mocha (I'm just sayin'). If you are in the Chicago area on December 12th, swing by the square and support the local artisans. They make some really great stuff.

So there ya have it blog. The latest news from Craftlandia. Not too crafty, but hey! If it were all about crafts- would ya still be reading this blog? Here are some pics from Crafty Bastards, and some images of pieces that I have been working on in case you really do read this blog just for the crafts.

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I'm glad blogy Katie is back. I missed you!