Thursday, September 10, 2009

Craftiest Bastard Contest

Drumroll please................................

It's here. The Craftiest Bastard Contest. What is the Craftiest Bastard Contest? Well it's a contest by the Crafty Bastard ladies so the public can vote on who is the Craftiest Bastard. Since you read this blog, you know I am a pretty crafty b!tch. Sooooooo now is the time to help make me a crafty bastard too.

So what makes me a Crafty Bastard? Well, I am crafty, and although not technically a bastard, I can be a real smart-ass, and sometimes have a potty-mouth. Also, professionally I am basically what would happen in Mcgyver and Martha Stewart got together and had a red-headed baby. So, you should vote for me!

What can I win?

Grand Prize: $500 gift certificate to Urban Outfitters + Winner Promotion in one City Paper 1/4 page print ad + 1 Crafty Bastards eblast

2nd Place: Washington City Paper advertising ($500 value)

3rd Place: Crafty Bastards prize pack filled with City Paper goodies

So as you can see-- if nothing else it could offer me a nice chunk of advertising for this upcoming holiday season.

How can you help? Well I need you to vote, and get your friends to vote, and get their friends to vote. You can vote by clicking on the button ^^up there^^ or by clicking on this link

And if you are willing you can put this link on your blog, or on your facebook page or myspace page. You can also send out an email to anyone who might want to help me and ask them to vote for me!

Please please please, with sugar on top!

Oh, and if I have your email address, you are about to get this same posting as an email....because I'm that kind of thorough.

So vote for me!


This message has been brought to you by: Citizens United in Nerdy Crafts Contests.

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