Sunday, August 31, 2008

Woot Listing!


These last few months have been a challenge. I haven't had the majority of my stuff, I'm in a new city, and have a new (and very challenging job). This combo leads to a lack of creativity, etsying, and joy. Over the last couple of weeks I finally removed myself from my creative slump and have been making some stuff! woot. Special thanks to my mom and dad for finding and sending me my camera cord.

Here are the latest plastic wallets, and there is more to come. Many of them are already listed on etsy, and I am working on finding a couple of markets in the DC area. If anyone knows of any that are coming up, please send me an email! Also, if you have a cache of interesting plastic bags, please let me know. I am finally coming to the end of my stash!

Here is the link to my plastic fusing tutorial in case you are feeling a late summer surge of craftiness. Remember to use a properly ventilated workspace.

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