Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bloggy blog

Howdy everyone!

Well, it's been a while and here is the update........

In the last couple of weeks I have:

Spent my first night in an airport- 12 hours in BWI to be exact. You know it's gonna be a bad night when some goldfish crackers and a second airline blanket seem like luxury.

Gone to Florida to visit my family.

Come home to no air conditioning, limited Internet access, and a very pissy cat.

Tried to schedule some dates with men I met on the interweb- sadly, my *particular* brand of humor didn't go over so well. Note to self: Never make jokes about shovels, dark alleys and quicklime before the first date.....

Since then- life is getting back to normal.

The AC guy has been out to see us 4 times in the last week to no avail.....soon I'm gonna start sleeping in the costume shop. Holy Crap. It's hot.

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David & LisaBB said...

Thanks!!! Did you ask if the air conditioner repair man was single?