Monday, April 28, 2008

Lookng for love in all the wrong places.......

I bought an iPhone. I am almost ashamed to say it was my first purchase of an apple product. Previously- no iPod, no Mac computer, nothin. However it was almost 2 weeks after I purchased my iPhone before I made my first visit to an Apple store. And let me just've been looking for love in all the wrong places!

No one told me that the Apple store is a mecca for kinda nerdy, kinda hot boys in their later 20's. I could have saved myself at least $200 in lame Eharmony payments if someone would have just told me-- Hey Katie, all the boys you might want to date work at the genius bar. Aaaack! It was like all the stereotypes of my ex boyfriends were in one place at one time. There was Mr. horn-rimmed glasses, Mr. too many tattoos, Mr. too many piercings, and Mr. too many tattoos, piercings and big glasses.
And not only were they cute, but the 'genius' I spoke to was totally smart, charming, and really nice. Everything a girl could hope for in a genius.

Now to make an appointment at the local Apple store in DC to get a little one to one training for my iPhone.

Oh, and the move is going well (whatever!)


David & LisaBB said...

See, cute boys and you get to feel superior about owning a mac. Isn't it fun to belong to a cult!

Morgan Street said...

YAY for apple mac boys!

I hope you manage to make DC your home. When can I come visit?

Walk in the Woods said...

They *are* cute, aren't they. A little young for me, but . . . effective, nonetheless, for revving an old engine whle receiving practical and valuable Mac info. LOL!