Saturday, March 1, 2008

If it's good enough for Barack

It has been a roller coaster of a couple of weeks. I haven't been feeling well (actually thought I had mono again, but don't!!!) and at the same time I have been playing a strange little game of where do I want to live this summer/fall/for the next 5 years. So I gathered up my references, a portfolio of images, and all my nerve and sent out a smack of resumes to find a new home.

In a week I had nibbles from places as far away as Seattle, Santa Fe, and Washington DC. I quickly have learned that theatres are in need of people with good crafty skills plus a few braincells leftover from years of smelling paint, dye and hat sizing. It is clear to me now that there are tons of talented people out there, but very few that look at the arts with (even) a little thought about how to get it all done in a timely manner and not make yourself crazy/vegetative in the process.

Drumroll please........

I have decided to take a job with a rather schmancy Shakespeare theatre in DC where I will be crafty and management. It is a good move for my career, pocketbook, and -as if I needed it- my ego. It will also enable me to continue to make good contacts with NYC designers, live in a city, and gain some/more management experience. It's nice because DC has many of the amenities I was looking for in a city (public transit, Chipotle, a real art store, like minded men) and is lacking some of the rat race I was not looking forward to (constantly looking for the next job, living with your neighbor up your butt, having to buy my own insurance).

Now if I just had a cute baby I could borrow so I could meet some hot politician.......Oh, Maizie, Maizie.....wanna come visit your auntie Katie??????


katie e. said...

my adorable baby (toddler) cousin satchel is in dc! he may be available for rent. or i could come visit and borrow him for the day.

Anonymous said...

That is a great choose and very funny because I am in the same process but more with school not work. And I am hoping to move to Washington DC in the Fall for a Semester Visiting Student Program! So we will be neighbors again soon. ~Christina

njhare said...

oh sad... and I was looking forward to you in NYC... are you still coming to hang out next weekend? call me.

Walk in the Woods said...

This sounds awesome! What a wonderful manifestation of creative expression, utility and built in potential for so much more. Nicely done!

And . . . I wish you the absolute best as you continue on your path!

David & LisaBB said...

Maizie says, 'I'll pimp anytime for tie dye!!!'