Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello old friend.

It's been a while....

Okay, so it's been a month, in this month- which I apologize for. Just to give you an idea of how busy it's been- I have a glorious beautiful new digital SLR just siting in it's box. I took it out once, and then I put it down to deal with something else that seemed more pressing at the time (it wasn't).

So what's going on? Weeeeeellll! I went to Connecticut and got all my stuff out of storage. Luckily I have a bucket load of friends there who helped me load the truck, put me up for the weekend, and in general have bailed me out more times than I can count. You know who you are....all of you. Thanks so much. Once I arrived here in DC I got a second wind, and unloaded my truck. It only took 90 minutes. A friend showed up and helped me with the dresser, and the next night 6 of us shoved my sofa thru my front window. Yes, you read that right. The door wasn't wide enough, so thru the window it went. Thankfully I had smart people on both ends of this trip who helped me with not only considerable brawn, but also huge freakin' brains.

I've been quickly un-packing and getting reunited with some old favorites. My sofa is just as good for sleeping on- I tested it out. My sewing machine seems to be in good working order, my shower curtain is just as flowery and retro-fabulous as ever. It's weird when you realize- you really do miss your own stuff, it's a bit like seeing a good friend from college, you didn't realize how much you missed it till it was back in your life. People keep asking me what I need for my apartment, and the answer is- not much. I have my stuff now, and with a quick trip to IKEA for some planned replacements- I'm all set.

What else? I applied for the Philly Art Star show. My bad-assed, sweet-assed friend from The Hand of Fatima and I are going to go halfsies on a 10x10 space. Hopefully we'll both be accepted, and we can rock the show together. Her pieces are so amazing, I can't imagine she would ever be rejected from a show, and my stuff seems to fit into the shows "look" so I'm going to go ahead and say- it looks good for me to be in Philly the weekend of May 30-31!

That's all for tonight. I'm working on getting internet in my apartment, but like so many things in life- it's proving to be another of life's adventures. Hopefully it'll be installed sometime next week. Keep your fingers crossed!!!


SlidingDoors said...

I totally know what you mean about "old friends..." Unpacking my stuff was such a joy in this apartment-- I even had the pleasure in unpacking some things that I had left in boxes in Andy/my apartment... :)


Boutique Girl Gifts said...

when will we see the beautiful photographs this digital SLR can create? I'm jonesin' to see some new stuff in your shop!