Friday, February 27, 2009

Life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Dear Universe,

Thanks for this week. It makes me a stronger person. I appreciate that you consider me capable of these very stressful days, but I would like to request that in the future you spread out the difficulties.


Okay, so you are asking yourself- Katie, what could have been so difficult about this week? Well, really no ONE thing was that hard. I moved. I worked. I attended flying rehearsals in the evenings. I was emailed a break-up by someone I had been on 8 dates with. In general these are not terribly bad things, but when you cram them into Tuesday evening to Thursday at 5pm, it leads to some pretty tiring days.
The good things that happened this week are HUGE! I love, love, love my new apartment. My commute to work has been reduced from 1 hour 15 min to 18 minutes each way. I have a little studio space, a huge living room, and a great bedroom. I love the designers I am working with, the costume shop is working hard and happiness is flowering in some unexpected people. My quality of work life has gone from good to great. I applied for the BUST Magazine Spring Fling in Brooklyn, and I was complimented on more than one occasion for my composure in a stressful working environment.

The bad things this week were just a little too crappy...

I've been seeing a fellow I met on eHarmony. He seemed fantastic, genuine, and like he valued the same things in life I value. We even come from the same hometown. On Thursday, he sent me an email (YES AN EMAIL!, at least it wasn't a post-it-note)stating the idea of getting into any relationship gave him a panic attack. That's right, I met a man on a website geared towards marriage who gets panic attacks at the idea of commitment. I don't know how I keep finding these guys??? It's like I have a commitment-phobe magnet. It would seem anyone on eHarmony would have a pretty clear idea of what they were looking for. It's not like the questionnaire is vague.....
In the midst of all this I crammed my stuff into a rental car and moved in 6 hours time. It was one of the hardest days of my year. I worked in the morning, moved, and literally ran to the theatre to be at a rehearsal in the evening. If speed moving was an Olympic event, I would have made the qualifying round.

Cest La Vie! It's always an adventure. I'm off to restart my eHarmony profile, and tomorrow I'm headed to the farmer's market in my new neighborhood then to Ikea for some overdue retail therapy.



katie e. said...

you should talk to sam - she's been experimenting with online dating the past year and is having some spectacular failures. including a guy who stood her up twice due to panic attacks.

Rachel said...

Boo on him. Boys are dumb. Cake is good. We'll see you SO soon. I'm super excited!!!