Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stress and the Inner Zen

I'm moving this week. Yes, again.

I also start dress/flying rehearsals for a show, pre-producton for 2 additional shows, and somehow working to manage a shop of 25+ women who are all strong personalities in very different ways.

It's stressful. My job is stressful. I'm watching people all around me lose their cool, freak out, and even quit (and in this economy, WTF?). But yet, somehow I feel calm. I go to work, do my best for the day and go home. The next day- I do the same. There is no time to be angry, there is only time to get the work done quickly, done well, and done with the best attitude you can muster. This week I had several people become upset with me, because I'm not angry or stressed, and I refuse to become angry because it will only make me more stressed. It seems my coping mechanism for freaking out has become- I get calmer.

Well see what happens this week, but I feel like it's going to be so stressful I might go into a state of zen... or just total emotional apathy, ya know, well see...

Until then, enjoy this little bit of fun! I love Neil Patrick Harris.

Oh and here are the handwarmers I finished this week. They make me happy. The yarn is 100% suri alpaca, so it's very fuzzy, soft, and warm!


Audra said...

I've never understood the philosophy that you have to freak out if you care about your job... The stress level that is involved with freaking out just isn't worth it in the long run...

Good for you for getting calmer in the midst of chaos. I knew you'd rock at your job :)

David + LisaBB said...

I like Hammer because he has to explain he is singing about his penis, and those handwarmers must keep you nice and limber so you can smack people up side the head.