Sunday, April 19, 2009

This I believe.

I listen to a lot of NPR. Scratch that… I listen to a whole lot of NPR. On NPR they’ve been running a series called “This I Believe”. It is a combination of essays and interviews from famous, and not so famous people about their beliefs. Every time I listen to one, I think to myself..______ this I believe. So I started jotting them down, and here is the current list of my beliefs. I’m sure some of them will change, and I know some will not.

In no particular order:

I believe

·It is better to live comfortably within your means than fabulously beyond them.

·People want to be nicer than they actually are.

·Giving someone a granola bar is the right thing to do when they tell you they are hungry.

·The act of creating is one of the most satisfying acts in the universe.

·Going to the gym feels good, assuming you can make yourself go.

·A favorite pet is the luckiest pet.

·I’ve chosen my career over my life one too many times.

·Red heads have more fun.

·It may not be better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

·Watching more than 1 hour of television a day can make you dumb (even the Learning channel)

·Wooden spoons are the most useful thing in the kitchen.

·Sex is like food for the soul, have too much or the wrong kind, and you’ll feel lousy.

·Skirts are more comfortable than jeans.

·Working on a project that is personally meaningful can change your outlook on life.

·Everything I ever needed to know- I did not learn in kindergarten.

·Chicago has got to be one of the best cities on earth, otherwise why would anyone stay there in the winter?

·Touching your toes is highly satisfying.

·The Christian right is neither.

·Growing up in Florida is like growing up in a foreign country.

·Socks are the best piece of clothing.

·You should move to a city you’ve never visited at least once in your life.

·Sheep are an all-around useful animal.

·Having someone to sleep beside you is very important.

·Birth control is the greatest invention of humankind.

·If we all believe, we can change.

·I’ve over thought myself into a corner more times than I can remember.

·Working in the arts is a lot like herding cats.

·If god wanted me to believe without question, I wouldn’t have been given cognitive thought.

·I should have been more attentive in math class.

·The revolution will be handmade.


What do you believe?

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