Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It doesn't all go as planned.

The Bust show was great. Lots of interesting vendors, creative products, and good friends. The days surrounding the show were a little less perfect.

Friday 9:21am

Because we are leaving for NYC my roommates and I decided we should have a house pancake breakfast. I put on my slippers, start to go down the stairs and in a looney-tunes-cartoon moment I am layed out going down the stairs on my right hip/ass/back (whatever that region is called). I decide it isn't enough to go to the doctor, but just walk it off (this *may* have been a mistake)

2:30 pm. Car packed, headed to NYC with the roomies. Ass pain is growing with every moment I sit in car. Bruise is approximately the size of Montana, my ass approximately the size of Texas.

As the weekend goes on, my ass/hip/back start hurting more, and the humor in the situation gets less and less as my ass/hip/back continue to swell (or maybe it was all the NYC pizza?) and turn AMAZING shades of fuchsia and purple.

Broken ass aside, the show was lovely. I had a fantastic team of cheerleaders in from all over New England, and even one in from plain old England. My friends (as always) supported me in every possible way. I even had my own piece of sweater-meat at the show. Side Note: The moment you first get to watch a guy realize he is the equivalent to a bikini-girl at a car show is worth it's weight in gold. It was a glorious moment of self realization. I'm happy I could be a part of it.

Sweater-meat was pretty good at smiling at the indie-rocker girls and getting them to part with their hard-earned-indie-cash. When he had to run to his next gig, my dear friend EJY came and helped. She is also a great smile and chat kinda friend, and now indie-rocker-boyfriends bought gifts for their indie-rocker-girlfriends from us. Additional Note: Always invite/bribe/beg attractive friends to help at your craft table. It ups sales...

Did the show go as planned? well no. I didn't sell out, I didn't even sell half, but in the economy as it is today, I did a little better than breaking even, so I call it a fantastic success.

I left NYC on the bus on Monday morning with my left-overs bungee corded to my suitcase and headed back to DC. My butt/hip/back still really hurt, but it was starting to feel a little less like a major injury, and a little more like a pratfall gone bad.

I arrived in DC, made my transfer to the train. I was exhausted. I had one more event that night, and was bound and determined to make it a great one.

I got off the train, and disaster.

My bungee slipped. The hook (with all it's superb elastic momentum) came flying off the container and with the accuracy of an angry interrogator at Gitmo it slammed into my finger. I'm pretty sure I heard/felt a snap. Part of my nail shattered, and I don't really know what I screamed, but I'm pretty sure it was something equivalent to shitdamnmotherfuckerwhatthehellohmyeffinggodthathurts The next train off-loads and 4 military guys offer to help, and suggest in the nicest, calmest voice they had, that I should "consider getting that checked out, ma'am" I didn't have time, so I did a little self evaluation, headed to the CVS bought a finger splint and took my broken ass and finger to my last craft show of 2008.

So when people ask me about the Bust show, I tell them it was an adventure. And I offer to show them my busted ass or shiny finger splint.

Who says you can't have a crafting adventure?

UPDATE: Both ass and finger still hurt, and are slightly swollen. I doubt I really broke either, but I will continue to use the "my ass is swollen" excuse for as long as possible.


katie e. said...

i'm half inclined to show you my great ass bruise picture from a few years ago - it sounds just like yours. i was carrying a chair from my mom's dining room down the hardwood stairs to her basement, wearing socks. i made it one step down and then suddenly was sitting on the floor six steps down, still holding the chair. the bruise was spectacular.

Morgan Street said...

OMG! Sorry you had so many mishaps!! It was great seeing you at BUST though. You shoulda showed me your broken ass :)