Friday, July 11, 2008

On blogging and responsibility.

I've been reading feministing on my way to work each day(oh yes iCrack), and it (as a few of you know) is an intensely political modern feminist blog. Several writers post to it, and the community of feminists comment. One post this week grabbed my attention and has made me think long and hard. Basically the jist of the post was- be responsible for what you say, do, and stand for. This gets me thinking about my life, and my politics and why I started this blog.

I started this blog as a way to promote my etsy shop (as seen on the side bar>>>, now go buy something) slowly it has become a more personal blog. I talk about my life, my politics, and my thought process for leaving one home in search of a new adventure. It is a deeply personal and meaningful thing to me to share my life with the couple dozen people (?) who read about me and what I do. In the end, it is still a blog, and as such it is a very public thing.

It's a strange thing to write some words, hit post, and the next day realize people around you and hundreds of miles away know what you wrote, what you are thinking, and have a little insight into your strange and wonderful world. It is even stranger when someone you have never met walks up to you at a craft market and tells you they read your blog (I'm lying it's wicked cool). I think it's moments like these that remind me that in some small way what I do and say actually goes into the cyber world and pings off someone else's radar.

So here is your PSA for my very public and very odd little blog. Please vote. Forget all the other things I've said (except that one time) and vote. People forget how a simple act can deeply impact someone else's life. While you are at it, remind your friends to vote. If we all make sure 2 other people vote, and they make sure 2 other people vote we will be in for a rockin good time this November. So far this election has been unlike any other in history, so let's keep the momentum going.



David & LisaBB said...

Alright, just this once, though. And if you start asking us to 'Pay It Forward', I am soo outta here.

Katie said...

I hereby promise to never use the words 'pay it forward' in this blog or any other serious conversation. I still reserve the right to badger you into voting and becoming a little more politically aware.