Saturday, June 28, 2008

When internet dating......

Don't try to be witty. It just doesn't translate.

Trust me.

Here is an example:

When someone asks you 'What's your one guilty pleasure?'

Don't reply:
"I like to eat politically incorrect meat while wearing puppy fur and stomping on kitten's heads :)"

Trust me. It gets you 'closed out'.

For those of you not lame enough to have to resort to getting your dates online, being 'closed out' is the same as not having a guy return your phone call, and sending you an email that says:

No Thanks. You are a freak.

Yup. That's been my week.

Clearly he wouldn't have been able to handle the Stack Attack.



David & LisaBB said...

Clearly if you had added 'on a moonlit beach' after 'stomping kitten heads' you'd be rolling in the matches right now.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. You seem like a very intelligent person and I have no doubt you will find someone great.