Saturday, May 17, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Howdy Ya'll!

Now that I am back below the mason-dixon line I can go back to using the vernacular that I was raised with. This may or may not include 'howdy', 'ya'll', 'put it up' (instead of away) and the ever popular 'roin' instead of 'ruin'. I will still refuse to 'worsh' my clothes or sleep on a 'pellow'. As I much prefer laundry and pillows. I have fully reverted back to my deep appreciation of people (mostly men) who open the door for you, and offer to help you with your grocery bags when your hands are full. There is something so nice about having someone acknowledge that you could use a little assistance.

My first days here have been interesting. I went ahead and took care of the obligatory crappy thing that has to happen when you move, and promptly lost my wallet within 84 hours of arrival (it's somewhere between the 7-11 and work, I'm just not sure where???). The good part- seems whoever has it took the cash ($31) and tossed the wallet and cards, because no fraudulent charges were made. (Before you ask- no I wasn't pickpocketed) The bad part- now I have to figure out how to get a new license- Hopefully I can do it over the phone with the state of CT. If not, I may just have to keep using my passport until I have a permanent address. Any suggestions?

Other than the wallet incident, DC is proving to be great. I love the train. I arrived on Tuesday night and asside from getting groceries- I have no use for my car. I have been walking all over the place, and somehow I had forgotten how much I actually like to walk. I feel better, I am sleeping better than I have in several years, and the train gives me time to unwind and chill before I get home.

The ladies (and it is an almost entirely all lady shop) are very nice. There seems to be about 27 of us in the shop total, although I haven't taken a head count. I fall into the middle age group, middle height(!), and middle level of moderately hippie behavior. I have a friend date tonight with 2 of them and for movies and beers. I am redorkulously excited about going out and seeing the town.

I don't have Internet in my apartment yet, so I am posting from the 'business center' in my complex. I promise as soon as I can I will be posting some pictures and making more frequent posts. Until then, keep your panties on ya'll...

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Peg said...

Hey Katie: it's about time I came over and said hello. (I'm Lisa's friend Peg, one-half of Peg-and-Scott, etc.) I hope you're hanging in there -- I first wrote "in the settling-in phase," but realized there first has to be an "unpacking phase," but whatever. I'll be following you via rss, and I'm lazy about comments -- but all good wishes are being sent your way from Monroe, NY.