Thursday, August 9, 2007

What is a good gift?

Crafty Roll-Up Anyone???

It's that time of year again...the time of year when crafty folks start thinking about what they should make for friends and family for Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Mid-Winter gifts. I am also in the middle of a friend nesting/baby boom, and it makes for a whole world of gifts that need to be made with love and speed.

This poses the question-What is a good gift? Is a good gift something someone needs? Something someone wants? Something you made with love and humor? Is it inappropriate to knit and felt a uterus for your mom to use as a pin-cushion? In a word-maybe. I dunno, but I do think it's funny and useful.

On top of the making for others....I have an incredible itch to start making winter wear for my site. All these things together lead me down the dangerous path of --What makes a good gift?

The Oh Canada Bag I made for Maloo

I think for me the best gifts fit into these categories

1. They are unexpected.
2. Are not something you really need.
3. Are made with love or humor or both.

This is where I get into trouble...what is funny, and what is just lame? Who knows...

Currently planned projects are:

--Sublime stitching embroidered towels for: my friends wedding, my brother and sister-in-law and several friends in Chicago.

--A felted womb pin cushion for my Mom

--A sweater for myself

--A TON OF STUFF for my etsy site

Project currently in the works:

--A scarf for a friend who has recently moved to New England--and is in for a nasty surprise this winter.

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