Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I LOVE A CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

A Bracelet knit on the teeniest knitting
needles I've ever seen.....Art???

I've made goals for myself. I've achieved many of these goals. I achieved the college degree (with honors-thank you very much). The getting out of a job that was making me crazy. The not staying in any relationship that sucked (that one has been hard). The don't be in more debt for college and credit cards than you make in a year (also very difficult).

I've achieved many of my goals, some still elude me. Of the the goals I have set for myself this year- these are some of the ones that I've not really taken care of.

A Flower Hat...Art???

1. Getting some friends on the east coast I don't work with.

2. Finding good reasons to go to NYC (not work related)

3. Going to (or hosting) a rockin' swap meet

4. Becoming more involved in the indie craft world

Looks like I have finally found a way to satisfy these goals I have been neglecting (not that I've listed all my goals here on the Internet for your prying eyes)! I've been invited to bARTer via my membership on Etsy. I've never heard of bARTer before, but is sounds like a rockin good time. The idea is- you make some art, you bring it to the meet, you get points, at the end of the night there is an auction for the art payed for with the points. Think of it as eBay-cum-swap meet and no one looses money or finds out that the Velvet Elvis was paint by numbers. Oh, and the bARTer meet is in the Etsy labs in Brooklyn which puts me in New York, not on work, visiting my friend who just moved there and hanging with a rockin collection of indie crafters. I think this may be my geeky-crafty heaven.

Now the question.....what the heck do I bring? It goes back to- What is art? Do I make a hat? Do I knit some hand warmers with the soft-as-a-baby-kitten yarn I just bought this weekend?

This is the most sublime challenge I have faced since I was in my freshman Principles Of Design class in college assigned to make "an idea container" for my midterm .--- What-the-F is an idea container??? I love this stuff! Now I just have to decide what is art and make some. At least I have something to think about for the next couple of days.....
A Pig Cake.....Not Art......

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David & LisaBB said...

Wrong about the Pig Cake--it was tasty, tasty Art.