Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pile of Whaaa?

Oh yeaaah.

To take a little travel away from my recent marriage-engagement and the fact that I live in suburbia now, let's talk crafts. I am a vendor in the Charm City Craft Mafia's PILE OF CRAFT, or as a few of my friends said: Pile of WHAAA?

The Craft Mafia is a crafty group that started in Austin, and have "mafias" in cities across the US and internationally. They are known for putting on some of the most well-attended craft shows in the country, and I am super thrilled to be included in one of their shows. I can only hope that this will open me up to getting a spot in another Craft Mafia show sometime in the future, but I wouldn't want to jinx it by assuming.

So what am I planning for this awesome show? Oh baby! A whole new display, some great new bags, and a bunch of awesome new products (like recycled vegan belts!) As almost anyone who has read this blog before knows, I make pretty cool stuff, but I suffer from what I call dis-play-ability. I try to make something great, but the merchandising never looks *quite* right to me. Maybe I am too harsh, but I feel like a crappy display really kills your chances of getting invited back to a show, and I've never felt like my displays are anywhere near as good as my pieces.

Sooo in an attempt to remedy my lame displays Mr. SmartGuy and I made a trip to Lucketts Va for Lucketts Antique Market. It's no where near as big or great as my beloved Brimfiled, but it served it's purpose. I purchased some printers trays, an antique suitcase, some old hardware drawers, a vintage step ladder and drooled over the astonishingly ugly antique chickens that were abound. Add in some overcast skies (so my translucent skin wasn't crispified) and it was a perfect day!

My spoils from the day are still in the trunk of the car, but in coming weeks I'll post some pictures of my display, and maybe you can offer suggestions about how to make it even better!

*oh, and blogger is being cranky, so I can't throw any links or pictures in this post, so get creative and use google*

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