Monday, May 31, 2010

Like a real professional

A couple of weeks ago I decided it was high time to get some real pictures of my work, myself, and get my act together for the Crafty Bastards application (which is due in a couple of weeks). Crafty Bastards, for those of you who don’t remember- is a local show that-is-to-date my FAVORITE craft show of all times. The show was well organized, well planned, and had a great attendance. Sooooooooo I gots me a photo session.

The impetus for the photo session was pictures of items that needed context. For those of you who have not tried-it is really hard to take good photographs of your own work, on your own body. It’s even harder to try and convince your attractive friends to let you take pictures of them without some serious cajoling and maybe some roofies. So that leaves me, wearing my own stuff, and trying to take a decent photo of my own wrist, head, and (gulp) belt. Needless to say it is really hard to conjure up the littlest bit of my vague memories of that one episode of Top Model I watched in 2004 all the while trying to figure out how to operate my camera that has a more complicated processor than the space shuttle. In walk the Tomerlins, and I fall in love with the idea of getting someone else to ‘shoot’ my work.

The Tomerlins
are a couple that met via their Flickr accounts. Yep, they met because they both liked each other’s photos, and started chitty-chatting online…fast forward a couple of years and they are hitched and own a photography company together. If that’s not a story made in cyberspace and digi-photography heaven I don’t know what is. I became familiar with their work via some great shots of a dear friend on facebook, later we met and chatted at a cocktail party and it was clear to me that these people could make me look great. Professional. Like a Crafty Bastard.

Here are some shots from our session.

I’ll be writing more about how I prepped for the session, and what the session itself was like in the coming days…stay tuned.

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