Monday, June 29, 2009

Chicago By The Lago

This is a proper Chicago style pizza. The correct order of Chicago style pizza is: (bottom up) crust, toppings, crust, sauce. No subsitutes.

When I was in college my orientation class sang a song. It was called "Come to Chicago, the city by the lago". I for the life of me cannot remember the words, but it also worked in a clever rhyme about eau and Chicago. I tell you, those fine arts students are nothing if they aren't clever.

This past week I dashed away from our nation's capitol and worked in the costume shop of Northwestern University in Evanston, Il (also known as Heavenston). They were working on a crafts heavy show, and I found myself in need of a little diversion and money. So I jumped on a flight and crafted it up with the groovy folks at NU for a week.

The best thing about a working vacation? You can work all day, play all night, and at the end of the year- write most of it off! Here are some shots of my Chicago adventure. Enjoy!

This is Minnie, she is the pup of my dearest Canadian friend. This is how Minnie rolls.

Some shots of stuff I worked on in the shop.

Local Chicago wildlife

Chicago LOVES it's public art. And so do I.

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