Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2 weeks worth of adventure.

6 Number of voters 2 people can register in 3 hours

4.25 Number of hours it takes to get to NYC on the bus (in good traffic)

2 Number of batchelorette parties I've been to in the past 2 weeks

4 Number of weeks I have to wait to see if I got into the Bust Craftacular

25 Number of Lbs. of clothes, shoes, handbags and toiletries it takes to travel for 5 days straight and attend a wedding.

As you can see- I have been a little busy.

2 weeks ago He came into town. For those of you who don't know who He is- He is a dearest friend I have been seeing in an on again, off again relationship *He's not my boyfriend* that has lasted almost 5 years. (He will tell you it's been 4 years, but I think his math is off). He is one of the most intelligent and politically savvy people I know and love. It's great to spend time with someone who knows all your history, is willing to call you out on all your B.S. and allows you to do the same for *and to* them. He is also one of the few people I know who I can stand beside and feel like a completely politically illiterate dolt (that's saying something). He and I spent a day working for the Obama campaign in northern Virginia. Needless to say the weekend was a blast.
It was incredibly interesting, fun and rewarding to spend a little time working on a grassroots effort for a candidate I can believe in. This election has been one of- if not the most important election in decades. The stakes are so unbelievably high- not just for the country, but for me. The issues this time are not just ones of simple foreign policy, or lowering the national debt- but questions of basic human rights, specific women's rights, the current financial disaster, 2 wars and the future of health care in America. My life and the lives of those I love are going to be directly affected by this election, and it's not because I live in DC.
After donating some money, sending some emails, writing a few blog posts, and annoying everyone I know with my "Obama this" and "my boyfriend Barack" that. It was time to put some wear on my shoes and get some folks registered to vote. We walked and worked for several hours the day before the registration cut off. We only registered 6 voters, so we headed back and hit the phones for a few hours. It's incredibly rewarding to see that in a swing-state registration was so very, very high. I'm sure it was a combination of a number of factors, but it was-to turn a phrase 'frickin rad.' If you have never volunteered for a cause you strongly believe in, try it. You will feel good about your teensy little contribution for weeks and maybe years to come.

The trip to NYC and Connecticut for the wedding this weekend was fantastic. The bride looked amazing, the groom was adorable and the day couldn't have been prettier if they had payed off God himself. To top off an already lovely weekend, my bus ride was easy-as-pie and cheap, cheap, cheap. I arrived home and was feeling so confident about my week and my life I applied for the Bust Craftacular. It's one of the biggest and best indie craft shows in NYC, and if I can get in I feel certain it will be a very busy, very merry holiday season.

Oh, and on the political front if you haven't seen this yet. You should.

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