Monday, September 3, 2007

Calling all knitters

Like I mentioned in an earlier blog. Tis the season for planning for winter. I'm working hard on writing some knitting patterns, and now it's time to find a test knitter. I'm looking for someone who is an experienced knitter, has a reasonable stash, and wants to get some free knitting patterns.
Here is the scoop- I have 3 patterns I am working on- a pair of cable knit handwarmers, an earwarmer/headband and a clutch purse. I understand what I mean when I say k1, m1, p6 but I want to make sure they make sense to someone other than the little knitting voices in my head.
I will provide you with the pattern, you use your yarn, send me corrections and a photo of the finished project, and I send you a corrected pattern! Simple, fun, and a great way for me to have people test my patterns and you to get a free knitting pattern.

If you are interested -email me at and we'll chat.

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